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When writers block moves in..

Grab a coffee and relax

We all have those days/Weeks when our characters go silent. You stare at the screen hoping the words will magically appear on the blank page. Unfortunately, that never happens.

What do we do?

Here is what I do after staring, writing and deleting everything I write;

Admit defeat

Spend time with my family and friends.

Have a nap, maybe. Drink Tea or Wine depending on the time of day.


Watch a movie

Go for a run.

And forget about it for a while. In my experience it is my characters that run the story if they don’t want to talk no amount of staring will help. Eventually they’ll return and when they do the writing begins again.

Don’t stress too much about writers block, it’s not that you can’t finish the book, your characters are just taking a break and you should to.

Grab a book and chill

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