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The Box that is my mind.

I'm a firm believer in doing things from your heart. I tried with my first novel to write how I thought it should be done.  I'd read up on tips and guidelines, the dos, the don'ts and eventually decided after starting my novel again from scratch after three weeks that the only way I could do this was to just let the story I held inside, out. I'm often asked by people how I do it. 'I wouldn't even know where to start' is a common statement.

One way I describe my writing to people is 'The Box'

‘What?’ I hear you say.

Just write

My imagination is like a box packed full of loose ideas that float around in my head.  I have to decide from that box what I need. I'd take the box and empty it out, meaning I write whatever is floating around inside my brain. I don't worry about it until the first draft is done. The content is tipped out and scattered around. The next step is to tidy up, rearrange and keep the good stuff and bin what you don't need, or store away for a later date.

Write, edit, read, repeat until that moment when you sit back and say 'Hell Yeah’ I'm done.'

I tried planning it out beforehand but once I begin to write it takes on a life of its own. There have been many times I’ve began with a certain idea and it isn't what I write. It comes from within and for me it's the best way. If you as a writer feel deep in your heart that what you've written is the right thing, chances are it probably is. I can't add something that I don't feel belongs there and so far my technique seems to be working for me. We are all different so find your style and own it. You won’t please every reader, it’s impossible, if it was easy we would all be best sellers. I’m working on that part, my focus is doing the best I can and staying true to myself, my readers and my beloved characters.

Always read your work through more than once to ensure you've got the flow correct and it all fits. If you have to do this a hundred times, so be it.

Most important things:

Enjoy it


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