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Music Post: Sabella - Hang me dry.

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Hey All,

Sabella have done it again!

They have a new single with a video to complement it. I love watching this band progress and grow. They are certainly upping their game and have the foot on the gas. They are speeding their way to the top and it doesn’t look like they are hitting the break anytime soon. They have the passion to succeed, and never let anything get in their way. You may say I’m biased as I blog about them a lot but that isn’t true. I started following this band back in 2014 when they had only been together a year; I think. I knew even then they had something, if I didn’t I wouldn’t blog so much. Anyone who knows me and the passion I have for music, know if I have confidence I’ll keep supporting even if they sometimes doubt themselves. They continue to surprise me when I think they’ve reached their peak. I love their edgy sound, sticking to their roots. Jake has a unique voice, doesn’t hide his northern accent, and it fits with the music. This helps in this song, it makes me feel the passion and emotion in the lyrics. I also love the guitar riffs in this song. WOW!

I really like the video, I must say it’s the best one yet. Very professional and the dancers were great.

Well Done lads.

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